Dark blade v17

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Dark Blade, and move to the dark side of the Force.

Although it is believed that Paddle Force flows through every player, it can only be used by a small percentage of them, described as “sensitive to Paddle Force”.

With the Dark model you will be able to use the Force of the paddle with the body and achieve skills such as speed, power, control, an amplification of reflexes and other physical abilities and psychic.

And remember that with it … The strength of the paddle will always be with you!

  • 360gr. - 365gr.
  • 365gr. - 370gr.
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“The Katana has been considered as the most perfect and effective hand weapon that man has designed throughout history.”

We present the shovel of the Pro range of the Padelfreak brand. PADELFREAK means passion for the paddle, and for that reason the new paddles that we have created will have the key factors that every player needs:

  • Quality, the best materials in the market. Mixing the carbon in the frame of the blade and the fiber in the faces. Including also Blackeva High Density getting the same bounce of the ball with the passage of time and also greater comfort and feeling of hitting. Perfect combination between power and control. Broad sweet spot on the entire surface of the blade.
  • Balance, Shovel perfectly balanced, not noticing its weight in the normal hit, but if at the time of finishing or putting weight on the ball.
  • Durability, tested by professional players, monitors, clubs and amateur players.
  • Personalization, option to personalize with the name or phrase that each player wants along with the Logo PF or the Flag of Spain.
  • Design, minimalist and innovative that will not leave you indifferent.
We offer this new blade of top quality materials and excellent performance.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

355gr. – 360gr., 360gr. – 365gr., 365gr. – 370gr.


100% carbon tubular brand

Composición interna

Black High density Eva


3 Layers of Interlaced Fiberglass


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